RCA Degree Shows

Thought we had better add some links through to www.lovedazzle.com

At the end of the day we are trying hard to drive traffic to the new online selling website for Dazzle Exhibitions. www.dazzle-exhibitions.co.uk  .

  • SHOW 2010

    • Visited the RCA Degree shows – not inspired, in fact very disappointed with the lack of flairful innovative designs on show.  This course has got more more turgid and unexciting over the last few years and has ceased to be an important source of young talent for us.   Yes, very disappointing.

    However looking forward to New Designers and One Year On.   We have ten graduates to find for our Christmas exhibitions.

    Hopefully we will come across a new Jane Adam.

    About Lovedazzle.com blog

    Running Dazzle Exhibitions held in venues each year such as Oxo Tower Wharf, London and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Creative Director of lovedazzle.com. ( www.lovedazzle.com )
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